Strategy Sales Partners and Radiant Global Solutions announce partnership ~ SSP unveils “​​​The New Ways to Win in Emerging Markets" ​​by David Wijeratne, Gagan Oberoi, and Shashank Tripathi​ ​© 2017 PwC
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If you’re a non-U.S firm entering the U.S marketplace the issues of sales channel development and deployment have never been more complex. Start up investments along with long delays in recruiting and sales base set up all add up to wasted time and unwarranted expenditures. Strategy Sales Partners works to mitigate these revenue risks while helping international clientele enter the U.S. market rapidly and profitably without the costs of hiring and on-boarding full-time local employees and opening up foreign offices.

Strategy Sales Partners is a reliable partner that understands global sales initiatives and can quickly establish a sales presence in the US without the massive commitment needed to build a US sales force.  We test the market, establish reference customers, grow revenue and build the pipeline needed to better understand the best strategies for penetrating the US market.

By leveraging Strategic Sales Partners, international organizations can gain complete on-the-ground sales talent and associated resources providing an all-inclusive turn-key U.S. sales strategy.

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