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We help companies grow. It’s as plain and as simple as that. In the face of a rapidly changing business environment, you can’t get by with a stagnant operating model or a sales strategy that is not aligned with your whole company. We work with you to envision, develop and execute dynamic and aligned sales plan that creates ongoing, predictable revenue.

We use the all latest technologies (Hey- we’re sales geeks at heart) including the latest in top of the funnel prospecting using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). We are on a life-long mission to improve the winning percentages in all aspects of the selling cycle.

Strategy Sales partners helps companies:

  • Enter new markets
  • Evaluate and refine value proposition (s)
  • Define target customers and most effective methods for selling successfully to them
  • Develop account management and segment management strategies based upon customer profitability and long term customer success
  • Create predictable lead generation and sales plans
  • Evaluate and help create current marketing collateral ensuring proper messaging
  • Assess current sales process including pre and post question analysis and follow up schedule
  • Development compensation and performance management systems supporting your company’s strategy
  • Ensure the proper CRM and prospecting tools are being leveraged to the highest degree
  • Increase the effectiveness of the existing sales team
  • Leverage resources throughout the company to meet your sales objectives
  • Identify additional revenue opportunities
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