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Since 2010, Strategy Sales Partners is a leading strategy-consulting firm focused on sales and business strategy, innovation and execution for companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.  We do three main things for our clients: we discover, we plan and we help execute effective business and sales strategies designed to grow and sustain predictable revenue, increase operating efficiencies, all while providing an abundance of ROI.

SSP was conceived and created after our founder Chuck Chesler had exited his business and was approached by several colleagues to help them attain what he had already accomplished.  Namely, removing himself from the business, while consistently growing year over year and culminating in an extraordinary exit. It is this main differentiator that sets him and SSP apart from other consulting agencies.  Having gone from startup to exit multiple times, he has walked and talked in your shoes and many times knows exactly what you’re going through.

Since 2010 we have helped numerous companies grow and sustain revenue, while helping them with a myriad of business challenges, all while acting as a Trusted Adviser.

We are committed to helping companies and business leaders perform yearly SWOT analysis and Industry Benchmarking on a regular basis. From a macro level, SSP is dedicated to  exploring extraordinary opportunities to build predictable revenue streams while increasing operating efficiencies and executing dynamic and aligned business strategies for their clients.